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Helping you reset from the inside out.

Our internal state determines the experience of our lives yet too often we want to make changes but don’t know where to begin, struggle to break habits and are completely overwhelmed by the influx of information out there. We need a reset. 


I help clients go back to the basics to get to the root of their healing through personalized reset protocols, sustainable lifestyle changes and providing tools to connect the mind and body. 

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Food as Foundation

What we put into our bodies impacts our cellular, mental and emotional health. We will start by addressing diet to bring energy, clarity and focus to get to the root of our healing.

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Establishing Routine

Routines act as an anchor that we can always return to. We will work to implement small, sustainable routines that we can build on and evolve with you. 

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Connecting the Dots

Movement, sleep, relationships, play, mindfulness and mindset are key pillars of our health and happiness. We will work to connect the dots to optimize all areas of your life.

Work With Me

My programs are designed to get to know you so I can create a reset that addresses your unique needs and fits into your life seamlessly.

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Building Your Foundation

A three-month program focused on a personalized nutrition and lifestyle reset. We will uncover your why, identify your goals and make a custom health plan that fits easily into your life and that you can always return to.

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Optimizing Well-Being

A six-month program where we establish your nutrition and lifestyle reset and from there, create a highly-individualized program to optimize all areas of your life.

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Sustaining Your Routine

You are always evolving and your nutrition and lifestyle plan should evolve with you. I’m available to long-term clients for one-off sessions and continuous coaching.


Alyssa is incredibly thorough and takes the time to get to get to know you on a personal level so that she can take a true holistic look at your wellness journey. Her sessions are incredible grounding and she really works to find the deeper meaning behind your wellness goals. It feels like you have a health coach, cheerleader and friend all in one!

Katherine K.


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