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Horses-Inspired Recipes

Horses is an amazing restaurant in LA (sexy vibe, great food and people watching) but reservations can be challenging so I decided to throw my own Horses party - crayons, martinis and all! Sharing some of the recipes inspired by my favorites that are mostly gluten and dairy-free:

  • Vegan Chickpea Caesar Salad (The Horses version is made with endives)

  • Salmon Tartine (version of the Salmon Lavash)

  • Baked Spicy Vodka ‘Nduja Pasta (version of their off-menu Herman Pasta)

  • Cast-iron Burger & Crispy Smashed Potatoes (version of their burger + fries)

Making the pasta is a MUST! Though it most definitely contains real cheese.

I highly recommend buying butcher paper and crayons to draw on the table while you eat. It’s so fun!

The pretty glasses are from Space of Time – such a good gift.

Salmon Tartine (Dairy & Gluten-free)

Serves 4


  • 5-6 oz. smoked salmon (I get mine from Nordic Catch)

  • 4 pieces seed bread (or bread of your choice)

  • Vegan non-dairy cheese or cream cheese (I used Misha’s Kind Foods)

  • 2 tbsp chives

  • Handful of watercress Sprigs


  • Toast the bread

  • While bread is toasting, chop the chives

  • When bread is toasted, add the cream cheese and top with salmon, chives and watercress sprigs (you can dd caviar to feel extra fancy)

Baked Spicy Vodka ‘Nduja Pasta (Gluten-free)

Serves 4-6

Recipe slightly tweaked from Serving Dumplings


  • 1.25 - 1.5 cup (10 - 12 oz) pasta (We used GF corn rigatoni)

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 4 garlic cloves, grated

  • 1 tsp each: salt, black pepper, dried oregano, dried thyme

  • ½ cup double concentrated tomato paste

  • 1/3 cup vodka

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • ¼ cup (or 3 - 3.5 oz) 'nduja sausage. Add more if you want it more spicy. (‘nduja is a bit hard to find but they should have it at specialty butchers. I got mine at Gwen in Hollywood).

  • 1 tbsp calabrian chili in oil or 1 tsp crushed red pepper (optional)

  • 3 tbsp grated Parmesan

  • 1/3 cup GF bread crumbs or Nut Crumbs


  • Preheat oven to 350°F

  • Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and add pasta

  • Cook pasta slightly before it’s al dente since we will be baking it. Scoop up ¼ cup of water to save and drain pasta

  • While the pasta is boiling, prepare the sauce

  • Heat oil in a cast iron or oven-safe skillet over low heat, add garlic, calabrian chili and cook for 1 minute

  • Stir in spices, add tomato paste and increase heat to high

  • Stir consistently and cook for about 2 minutes

  • Stir in the ‘nduja sausage and cook for 1 more minute

  • Add the vodka, stir and simmer for 2 minutes on low

  • Pour in the cream and bring to a simmer

  • Stir in parmesan, add the pasta and ¼ cooking water, toss to combine

  • Stir until sauce thickens

  • Add bread/nut crumbs and more parmesan (optional)

  • Place pasta in oven for 15-ish minutes or until you get a slight crispness almost like a baked ziti

  • Add more parmesan and serve!

Cast-Iron Cheeseburger (Gluten-free & Dairy-free Optional)

Serves 2


  • 8 oz. grass-fed ground beef

  • Salt, pepper, garlic

  • Violife Cheddar Slices (Can also use raw goat cheddar if you have issues with dairy)

  • White onion

  • 2 GF burger buns or butter lettuce


  • In a bowl, combine ground beef, salt, pepper and garlic and form into two 4 oz. patties

  • Preheat the pan over medium high heat then place patties in pan cooking 3-4 minutes on each side. I keep the lid on the cast-iron pan for this.

  • When you flip the burger over, place the cheese on top of the burger and cover with lid. Vegan cheese takes longer to melt.

  • Remove from the pan and cool for a few minutes before placing on top of the bun or lettuce. Add the white onion and condiments of choice.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes via Cookie & Kate


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